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Jabra Drive Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

  • Crystal clear sound with echo and noise cancellation (DSP)

  • Multiuse - connects to 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time

  • Stream music, podcasts and GPS directions

  • Voice guidance announces battery level and Bluetooth connection status

  • Automatic volume adjustment and auto-paring to mobile phone

Regular Price: 225.00

Special Price 179.00

Rowkin Bit Stereo Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Earbuds with Mic (Space Gray)

  • The world's smallest wireless blothoth headphones from ROWKIN,

  • Powerful sound and clear like no other

  • You can switch to stereo position,

  • A portable battery for headphones up to 3 hours of music and calls,

  • Contain shahat portable bhgm very alshavaa red pen like whistling whistling,

  • You can use small speakers for up to 6 hours if you run one headset for 3 hours and then run the second handset for three hours, supports voice commands,

  • Let you know who is calling without having to look for mobile because they give the caller's name through the sound,

  • Sport is unique while running or riding a bike or exercise, as it possesses the most important feature it's water resistant Nano paint she possessed, compatible with all devices and computers that support Bluetooth.


Jabra MOTION Bluetooth Headset

  • Sound adapts to motion and environment

  • Intuitive flip-boom with wind-noise protection

  • Personalized comfort – adapts to any ear

  • Intuitive Call Control – Answers the call automatically when picked up (Motion sensor)

  • NFC for easy pairing

  • Power Nap – Battery saving mode

  • Noise Blackout (dual mic), Wind-Noise Protection & HD Voice for better sound experience

  • Stream Multimedia – GPS, music & podcasts (A2DP)

  • Voice Guidance – tells you how to pair your device, your connection status and more

  • Voice control – take or make calls with your voice

  • 300 feet (Up to 100 meters) range with Class 1 devices

Regular Price: 199.00

Special Price 99.00

623 audio power amplifier SPEAKER( SMALL )

  • Frequency Range: (180-260)MHZ 

  • Receiving Sensitivity: 30dB V 

  • Output Power: 35W 

  • SPeaker: 16cm 35W/4ohm 

  • Power: 12V 2A 50Hz 

  • AC 220V 50Hz 12 4AH 

  • Size: 180*300*110mm 

  • Weight: 2.8KG 

  • Frequency Range: VHF(180-260)MHZ 

  • Frequency Output Power: 35mW 

  • Vibration Way: +-0.005% 

  • Quartz Vibration Locking 

  • Power: DC9V


Bluetooth Music Hat

  • No more hanging down wires with Bluetooth brilliant musician hat

  • We will give you the warmth while listening to your favorite music

  • Stereo headphones

  • You can connect them with your mobile phone via Bluetooth v3.0 + edr

  • Up to 10 meters distance Bluetooth

  • Ideal for travelers, and those who are waiting for the bus

  • Beanie coherent keep you toasty warm on a cold day.

  • It can be washed with water after taking out speakers

  • Battery will last for up to 3-5 hours

  • Size: One size

  • Is compatible with all mobile phones

  • Net weight: g 90 / 3.17 oz

  • Battery charge time: two hours

  • The frequency: 2.4026ghz-2.480ghz

Regular Price: 129.00

Special Price 45.00

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